Pacte de stabilité européen : qu’impliquent les nouvelles règles budgétaires pour la France ?

23 April 2024
Sud Ouest
Mais la France ne sera pas pour autant épargnée d’ici là, explique Sander Tordoir, du Centre for European Reform : « Cette exclusion va probablement donner un relatif répit jusqu’à ce qu’Emmanuel Macron quitte ses fonctions, mais il sera bien requis de Paris de réduire son déficit structurel graduellement à compter de 2025 », résume cet expert de la politique budgétaire en Europe.

UK exports of services have grown 9 times faster than goods since 2010

22 April 2024
Financial Times
“Trends in UK trade have been a long-run shift from goods exports to services exports, as competition from both the EU and other manufacturing centres has pushed UK comparative advantage towards services,” said John Springford, of the Centre for European Reform think-tank. “Brexit has accelerated that shift.”

How would we know if World War Three had started?

18 April 2024
The Week
Russia is still the "primary pathway" to World War Three, Dr Luigi Scazzieri, of the Centre for European Reform think-tank, told Sky News. If it prevails in Ukraine, an emboldened Putin may be tempted to strike a Nato nation, which would demand a coordinated response. The likelihood increases if Donald Trump wins the US presidential election and further undermines the alliance.
Zach Meyers

ANC Digital: EU leaders to discuss how to boost growth, compete with US, China during special summit

17 April 2024
"To make progress in these areas [EU growth], you really need member-states prepared to make compromises, including to give up some of their own national sovereignty over these particular areas," said Zach Meyers, assistant director, CER. 
Sander Tordoir

FUTURE IS BLUE PODCAST: Europe's response to Chinese and American economic competition

17 April 2024
In this new episode hosted by Carlos Carnicero Urabayen, Sander Tordoir, Senior Economist at the Centre for European Reform, delved into the intricate dynamics of the global geopolitical landscape, the rise of economic nationalism and Europe's strategic positioning amidst the assertive manoeuvres of superpowers like the United States and China.

Can the European Union find its own recipe for competitiveness?

16 April 2024
Fair Play asked Sander Tordoir, a senior economist at the Centre for European Reform, how the EU can find its own recipe for economic success.“The European model may very well be a model in which you pursue certain industrial policy goals and responses to trade tensions in a way that’s more subtle and that you use environmental goals to achieve that aim,” he said. One example: the French payments to help consumers buy electric vehicles made in an “environmentally sustainable” way. “In essence, this is a European clause,” but it is “more subtle” than US green subsidies, he said.
European Affairs Committee: UK-EU data adequacy

European Affairs Committee: UK-EU data adequacy

16 April 2024
Zach Meyers, assistant director, CER gave evidence to the House of Lords' European Affairs committee for its inquiry into UK-EU data adequacy.

Are we heading for World War Three? Experts give their verdicts

16 April 2024
Sky News
"It depends on your definition of World War Three. A possible conflict between Iran and Israel has the potential to expand into a major military conflagration in the Middle East, with global implications.

Laggard EU seeks growth fixes to compete in global shift to new technologies

15 April 2024
Zach Meyers, assistant director of think-tank the CER, said the EU's problem was twofold, with growth stubbornly lower than that of its rivals and a lack of dynamism and innovation to adapt."The focus needs to be less on 'saving' existing industries and more on making the EU economy resilient and innovative."

Is Europe at a crossroad?

12 April 2024
“If you think of a world in which geopolitical tensions are going up and in which you have to rearm, being the slow grower is not good news. You are drifting down the economic league table,” Sander Tordoir, a senior economist at the Centre for European Reform (CER) think-tank, told Euractiv. 
 CER Podcast: Unlocking better regulation in Europe

CER Podcast: Unlocking better regulation in Europe

Zach Meyers, Anthony Teasdale
11 April 2024
Anthony Teasdale and Zach Meyers discuss better regulation.

Rapport: EU:s lagar måste bli bättre för företagen

11 April 2024
Svenskt Naringsliv
En rapport som tagits fram av tankesmedjan Centre for European Reform, CER, visar att EU kan göra mycket mer för att lindra regelbördan för företagen. En central del av kritiken är att EU-kommissionen under ordföranden Ursula von der Leyen har klubbat igenom för många lagar och regler för snabbt och utan tillräcklig genomlysning och förankring.

Comment la France va tenter de défendre sa crédibilité à Bruxelles

10 April 2024
Le Figaro
« Les règles budgétaires sont des garde-fous destinés à préserver la confiance entre les États membres, plutôt qu’à être appliquées au pied de la lettre », explique Sander Tordoir, économiste au Centre for European Reform, à Berlin.

„Finanzcrash in Zeitlupe“ – Ökonomen fürchten das Auslaufen des EU-Wiederaufbaufonds im Jahr 2026

09 April 2024
Table Europe
Sander Tordoir schrieb in einem Papier 2023, dass das EU-Budget mit denneuen Schuldenregeln hätte verbunden werden müssen. Dies würdedie Investitionsbudgets schützen, während es einen Anreiz liefere, dienationalen Budgets in Ordnung zu bringen. 

Draghi acude [otra vez] al rescate de Europa con el viejo recetario keynesiano

08 April 2024
El Diario
Sander Tordoir, del Centre for European Reform (CER), think-tank paneuropeísta, pone el dedo en la llaga: la competitividad es una nebulosa de la que siempre hablan los lobistas para presagiar época de vacas flacas, pero, en esta ocasión, en Europa, es un asunto urgente y un baño de realidad, del que “no saldrá con éxito” si no estimula la movilidad laboral, distribuye más equitativamente la riqueza o no canalizan adecuadamente sus cualificaciones laborales.
Ian Bond

Euronews: Brussels, my love? Is Europe ready for Trump in the White House?

06 April 2024
We were joined by Ian Bond, deputy director of the CER who warned that Trump was "subservient" to Putin - which is a threat to America's European allies.

Going underground: Behind the growing demand for luxury doomsday bunkers

06 April 2024
The best way to avoid a major geopolitical conflict is not to build a bunker but to demand your local representatives fund the Ukrainian war effort, according to Ian Bond, the deputy director of the Centre for European Reform.Bond believes that politicians "will eventually take notice" that there’s more public support behind the war and will do something about it if pressured for long enough and by enough people.
Ian Bond

TRT World: As NATO marks its 75th anniversary, is the alliance promoting peace or provoking global conflict?

04 April 2024
As the alliance marks its 75th anniversary, we ask the questions: is NATO a protector of global peace or a potential threat to it? And what does the future hold for the alliance in the next 75 years? Ian Bond, deputy director at the Centre for European Reform (from 07;10 mins)...

Ukrainian Strikes on Russian oil refineries: What's the impact?

03 April 2024
"Since Russian import capacity for refined oil products is limited in the short run, since they're set up to export, it's actually a fairly clever way of causing disruption in the Russian market with limited impact globally," Aslak Berg, Research Fellow at the Centre for European Reform, told Euronews.

Eurozone inflation fall defies projections, buoying hopes of ECB interest rate cuts

03 April 2024
"It would be surprising if the ECB cut rates already in April," Sander Tordoir, senior analyst at the Centre for European Reform (CER), told Euractiv.