CER Podcast: Unpacking Europe: Winners, losers and implications of the European elections

CER Podcast: Unpacking Europe: Winners, losers and implications of the European elections

Zselyke Csaky, Christina Keßler, Luigi Scazzieri
12 June 2024
Christina Keßler, Luigi Scazzieri and Zselyke Csaky discuss the European election results.

Gulf money’s targeting of European telecoms raises hackles

11 June 2024
“Countries in the Middle East have such huge trade surpluses that they’re kind ofdesperate to find places to put dollars and euros. And I guess European telecomslooks pretty cheap at the moment,” said Zach Meyers of the Centre of EuropeanReform think-tank.
Europe tilts right

Europe tilts right

10 June 2024
The votes are still being counted, but the European Parliament election results point to a surge of support for right-wing and far-right parties.
Can the EU hold back the great tech decoupling?

Can the EU hold back the great tech decoupling?

10 June 2024
The US has been far more aggressive than the EU in constraining China. US leaders talk about having a “small yard with a high fence” with restrictions on trade and investment only in areas sensitive to national security.

Europe's far right seeks policy influence to match seat gains

10 June 2024
Luigi Scazzieri, senior research fellow at the Centre for European Reform, said the centre-right EPP has already cooled on attempts to fold broader environmental policies into the Green Deal package. Scazzieri said he could also envisage a right-wing push to increase external processing of migrants and a tougher passage of reforms required to allow EU enlargement, such as reducing the need for unanimity in decisions.

Labour might be a racing certainty, but it faces some big hurdles in government

09 June 2024
The Observer
The Centre for European Reform has estimated that UK annual tax revenues would have been about £40bn higher if the country had not left the EU.

The EU's post-elections future

08 June 2024
Financial Times
The coming years will show whether the EU’s new asylum rules... will work. Luigi Scazzieri of the Centre for European Reform think-tank is among those who doubt the measures will suffice.
Chinese exports threaten Europe even more than the US

Chinese exports threaten Europe even more than the US

07 June 2024
Biden is right to heed working class voters in Pennsylvania. The Continent, which has even more to lose from a second China shock, better start listening to its workers too.

EU ready to start Ukraine membership talks, but Hungary remains an obstacle

07 June 2024
The Commission’s attempt to speed up the start of negotiations is symbolically important but will make little practical difference, Ian Bond from the Centre for European Reform told Semafor Friday. Hungary has every opportunity to make the negotiating process “complicated, bloody, and long” whether in the president’s chair or not, he said.

Sidste udkald for Europa

06 June 2024
Hvorfor taber Europa terræn i den globale økonomi? Ifølge Zach Meyers, vicedirektør for den britiske tænketank Centre for European Reform, er det en kombination af årsager. »En vigtig årsag er, at demografien ikke er på Europas side. Vi har en aldrende befolkning; der bliver færre og færre til at udføre jobbene.«

Quiénes son los aliados de Putin en Europa y cómo pueden influir en las elecciones al Parlamento Europeo

06 June 2024
BBC News Mundo
“Existen dos maneras de hacer que tu país sea más poderoso. Una es invertir internamente para hacerlo más poderoso y la otra es invertir para debilitar a tus enemigos. Y muy a menudo lo segundo es más barato y más eficaz que lo primero”, le dice a BBC Mundo Ian Bond, subdirector del Centre for European Reform, con sede en Londres.

'Veel jonge kiezers willen radicalere keuzes dan de democratie toelaat'

05 June 2024
NOS Nieuwsuur
De Hongaarse onderzoeker Zselyke Csaky van het Centre for European Reform onderzoekt al jaren hoe Europese jongeren denken over democratie. "De reguliere partijen concentreren zich vaak op het beschermen van wat we hebben. Dat betekent voor jongeren dat hun situatie niet verbetert. Deze partijen beloven jongeren dus niet noodzakelijkerwijs iets positiefs."

EZB beschließt Zinssenkung – Ist Vorsicht geboten?

05 June 2024
Sander Tordoir, Chefökonom des Centre for European Reform (CER), hielt diese Sorge jedoch für weniger ernst.Er merkte an, dass die Größe der Wirtschaft der Eurozone in Verbindung mit dem geringen Umfang der für Donnerstag erwarteten Zinssenkung um 0,25 Prozentpunkte bedeute, dass es unwahrscheinlich sei, dass die Eurozone viel Inflation aus den USA importieren werde.

Brits think Labour will unpick Brexit. They may be disappointed.

05 June 2024
Charles Grant, director of the Centre for European Reform think-tank, said economics could prove the most crucial factor in deciding a Labour government's EU policy“Most Labour members and party activists are strongly pro-European and would like to go back into the EU. So there's pressure from them already, but the leadership has resisted that pressure for the last few years and can go on resisting it if it wants,” he said.

Europeans may be about to elect their most right-wing parliament in history

04 June 2024
“These different stances, combined with bilateral spats between ECR and ID members, make formal co-operation between the two groupings very unlikely and will reduce their influence,” Luigi Scazzieri, senior research fellow at independent think-tank the Centre for European Reform, said in an April note.
Charles Grant

Real Instituto Elcano: Jacques Delors y su legado en la Unión Europea. Conversación con Charles Grant

03 June 2024
La Unión Europea ha sido moldeada por numerosos líderes visionarios, entre los cuales Jacques Delors destaca por su impacto duradero. En este vídeo, Charles Powell, director del Real Instituto Elcano, dialoga con Charles Grant, director del Centre for European Reform y autor de "Delors: Inside the house that Jacques built” Sobre los logros y desafíos de Delors.

El Parlamento Europeo termina el mandato con un centenar de leyes en el limbo

31 May 2024
El Periodico
“Un aumento de la derecha influiría en el futuro de los esfuerzos climáticos de la UE, iniciados con el paquete de medidas Fit for 55”, coincide Luigi Scazzieri, analista del Centre for European Reform, que ve menos problemas en materia migratoria debido a la deriva impulsada desde los gobiernos desde la crisis de 2015.

Future of Europe: Unlocking private capital crucial to funding the battle against climate change

30 May 2024
The Business Post
“China’s whole growth model is where they repress consumption at home and recycle the savings via the levers of Chinese state led capitalism into investment,” Sander Tordoir, chief economist with the Centre for European Reform said.

Commerce : l’Europe poussée à sortir de sa naïveté

29 May 2024
Le Figaro
«Cette stratégie de réduction du risque est dépassée par le choc de surproduction chinois, estime Sander Tordoir, économiste au Centre for European Reform. Il faut aller beaucoup plus loin, si l’on veut maintenir une base manufacturière viable. Pour le solaire, c’est trop tard, mais dans les véhicules électriques, l’Europe est un gros exportateur. »
CER Podcast: Unpacking Europe: What to expect from a more right-wing European Parliament

CER Podcast: Unpacking Europe: What to expect from a more right-wing European Parliament

Luigi Scazzieri, Zselyke Csaky, Christina Keßler
29 May 2024
Christina Keßler, Zselyke Csaky and Luigi Scazzieri discuss the European Parliament elections.