State of the Union: Seven months into Putin's war

28 September 2022
Ursula von der Leyen has managed to keep the EU together so far. The coming months will test this unity. 

What Meloni's victory means for Europe

27 September 2022
UK in a changing Europe
Luigi Scazzieri examines the result of the Italian general election and sets out what the victory of Giorgia Meloni and the right-wing Brothers of Italy party means for Italy and for Europe.

El plan de energía de la UE para un invierno difícil: ¿qué opciones hay?

23 September 2022
ES Global
El nuevo plan de la Comisión Europea aspira a reducir el uso de la electricidad para disminuir los precios y los posibles apagones, extraer parte de los beneficios extraordinarios de las empresas energéticas y recortar los ingresos de Rusia por el gas.

Europe should not forget the challenges to its south

22 September 2022
Europeans are rightly focusing on the war in Ukraine, but they should not think they can insulate themselves from what happens to their south.

What Giorgia Meloni would mean for Europe

16 September 2022
A government led by Giorgia Meloni would lead to some turbulence between Rome and Brussels – particularly on migration and economic policy. But Italy’s EU and foreign policies – including towards Russia – are unlikely to change much.

The EU's energy plan for a difficult winter: What are the options?

09 September 2022
The European Commission’s new plan aims to cut electricity use to reduce prices and possible blackouts; to extract some of the windfall profits of energy companies; and to curb Russia’s gas revenues.

How to fix the Northern Ireland Protocol

Hilary Benn
08 September 2022
Hilary Benn MP considers the stalemate between London and Brussels over the Northern Ireland Protocol and highlights key areas where both sides can achieve a compromise.

The EU needs a bigger playing field – not a level playing field

01 September 2022
Despite appearing to be legalistic and bureaucratic, the EU’s level playing field instruments are more flexible – and can be used more strategically – than they first appear.

How to boost NATO-EU co-operation

19 August 2022
Project Syndicate
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has shown that Europe can no longer afford to treat quasi-theological arguments over EU and NATO primacy as more important than its own security.

Estados Unidos podría arreglárselas con una desglobalización. Europa no

09 August 2022
ES Global
La verdadera “desglobalización” —la desintegración de la economía global— se desencadenaría por un acontecimiento político, por ejemplo, que China invadiera Taiwán.

The EU, NATO and European security in a time of war

05 August 2022
Russia is not the only threat to European security. NATO remains essential for deterrence and defence, but the EU must also play a bigger security role.

Macron is serious about the 'European Political Community'

01 August 2022
French President Emmanuel Macron is committed to creating a ‘European Political Community’, distinct from the EU. European states not in the EU – including the UK – should take the concept seriously.


Putin’s war hurts party backed by Russians in Latvian vote

01 October 2022
“The parties in the current government are looking well placed,” said Ian Bond, a former UK ambassador to Riga and director of foreign policy at the Centre for European Reform. “They aren’t being punished for the economic problems because Russia has been blamed for it.”

BBC World Service to cut 400 jobs in funding squeeze

29 September 2022
Financial Times
Ian Bond, director of foreign policy at the Centre for European Reform, a think-tank, said on Twitter the cuts to the World Service — alongside those to the British Council, the cultural organisation, and the foreign aid budget — meant “the UK is eroding its soft power in every way possible”.

EU holds its breath as it waits to discover Giorgia Meloni’s true political identity

26 September 2022
The Guardian
A more likely point of contention, according to Luigi Scazzieri of the Centre for European Reform, is if the EU tightly links recovery funds to Italy’s completion of judicial and civil service reforms started by Draghi. If a conflict develops over the EU’s interpretation of the rule of law there are genuine prospects of a Poland-Hungary-Italy triangular alliance, Scazzieri argues.

Far-right wild card Giorgia Meloni taps into Italians’ wish for radical change

26 September 2022
Financial Times
“It’s a shocking moment,” Luigi Scazzieri, a senior research fellow at the Centre for European Reform, said of the party’s meteoric rise. “It’s the reflection of the electorate that feels like it has tried everything else now turning to the solution that is more radical and new.” “It’s this huge contrast with Draghi that makes it very hard for people to understand,” Scazzieri added, saying that it reflects “a country that really feels that things are going in the wrong direction” after two decades of economic stagnation.

What is the legacy of outgoing Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi?

23 September 2022
"Ukraine is probably the dossier in which he [Draghi] made the single biggest difference," Luigi Scazzieri, a senior research fellow at the Centre for European Reform (CER), told Euronews. ..."He was significantly ahead of Italian public opinion in saying so and definitely in terms of his support for Ukraine," Scazzieri said, in particular when it comes to arms deliveries to Ukraine.

Italy's tilt to the far-right: EU braced for Giorgia Meloni

24 September 2022
RTE News
The three parties also want to revise Italy’s €200 billion EU Covid recovery plan - in agreement with the EU - to put more resources into energy diversification and help consumers with higher energy prices. "This programme would be expensive to implement, and a loose fiscal policy would lead to higher borrowing costs for Italy and perhaps a financial crisis," says Luigi Scazzieri, who is a senior research fellow at the Centre for European Reform (CER)."Meloni is aware of the risks of appearing spendthrift, and is trying to stress that she is fiscally responsible."

Liz Truss urged to ‘steer clear’ of Emmanuel Macron's new European club

25 September 2022
The Express
Director of the Centre for European Reform think-tank, Charles Grant, said that French officials had told him that the British participation in the Prague summit would help UK-France relations.He said: “Macron thinks this is really important for discussing strategic issues and he wants the British to take part. The French say that the Brits can help to shape how the EPC emerges.”

The trouble with “red lines”

22 September 2022
The New European
“I actually see this as a red line being enforced,” argued Luigi Scazzieri, European foreign and security policy expert at the Centre for European Reform. “Russia’s under crippling sanctions and really didn’t expect that. Yes they could be a bit tougher but people are choosing to see the glass half empty rather than mostly full.”

Italy poised to elect first female leader amid concerns over Neo-Fascist roots

22 September 2022
Voice of America
“In part it's about her policy platform, her socially conservative views, her economic views — which are also quite social in a way in terms of, for example, raising people's pensions or benefits,” said analyst Luigi Scazzieri of the Centre for European Reform.“But it's also in large part due to her own personal appeal. And I would single out here, for example, her way of talking, which is very down to earth. It’s very effective in connecting with ordinary voters,” Scazzieri added. “Finally, she also benefits from not having been anywhere near government for the past 10 years, and so she can credibly say that she represents something new.”

Meloni's likely win will not necessarily strengthen Orbán

22 September 2022
EU Observer
"A right-wing government, with Brothers of Italy at its core, would reduce Italy's influence in the EU and make Italy-EU relations more turbulent. But Italy would not become a new Poland or Hungary," Luigi Scazzieri, a senior research fellow at the Centre for European Reform, wrote in a recent note.


CER podcast: What might Macron's European Political Community look like?

03 October 2022
In this week's CER podcast Camino Mortera-Martinez spoke to Charles Grant about the European Political Community.

CER podcast: Finding a solution to the Northern Ireland Protocol

Charles Grant, Hilary Benn
21 September 2022
Hilary Benn MP and Charles Grant discussed the standoff between the UK and the EU over the Northern Ireland Protocol.

CER podcast: Draghi out - What next for Italy?

Luigi Scazzieri, Rosie Giorgi
26 July 2022
In this week's CER podcast Rosie Giorgi spoke to Luigi Scazzieri about Mario Draghi’s resignation as Italian Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni and a probable right-wing coalition government.


Conservative party conference fringe event on 'Britain and the EU: what kind of relationship do they need?’

04 October 2022
Thomas Erndl MdB, Vice Chair, Foreign Affairs Committee, German Bundestag
Greg Hands, MP for Chelsea and Fulham
Juliet Samuel, Columnist, The Telegraph
Theresa Villiers, MP for Chipping Barnet
Chair: Charles Grant, Director, Centre for European Reform

Labour Party Conference fringe event on 'The future of the EU-UK relationship'

26 September 2022
Speakers: Stella Creasy MP, David Lammy MP and João Vale de Almeida

CER/Clifford Chance hybrid lunch on 'How to achieve energy security in Europe'

21 September 2022
Hybrid Brussels/Zoom
With Maria Rita Galli, András Hujber and Øyvind Vessia. Watch the opening remarks here.

Hybrid discussion on 'Prospects for global corporate tax reforms'

14 September 2022
Hybrid London/Zoom
With Pascal Saint-Amans, Director, Center for Tax Policy & Administration, OECD

Hybrid discussion on 'EU-US co-operation on public health'

13 July 2022
Hybrid Brussels/Zoom
With Pierre Delsaux and Gary Disbrow. Watch the opening remarks here.