The European Stability Mechanism is not ready for the next crisis

29 November 2022
Eurozone finance ministers just appointed a new head of the European Stability Mechanism (ESM). They should seize the opportunity to turn the ESM into a more useful institution.

UK science and technology after Brexit: How to fix it

28 November 2022
Brexit has hurt British science and slowed the deployment of new technology across its economy. Rejoining the single market may be politically unrealistic, but Britain can still limit the damage.

Brexit is hurting UK innovation

28 November 2022
Times Higher Education
German-style political stability and long-term science funding could help mitigate the damage, say Zach Meyers and John Springford.

Europe's migration problems are back

24 November 2022
The migration spat between France and Italy is a reminder that EU migration politics continue to be toxic, and that Europe’s common migration and asylum system remains incomplete.

How to save energy in a smarter way

14 November 2022
Reducing energy demand can help Europe cope with high energy prices. Consumers need more than pleas to save energy: governments need to provide a mix of prompts, advice and rewards.

En defensa del endeudamiento por la acción climática

04 November 2022
ES Global
Los tipos de interés están subiendo a nivel mundial, pero, aun así, los gobiernos europeos deberían endeudarse por sumas importantes para financiar proyectos “verdes”. En algunos casos, la UE debería ayudar.

Can EU enlargement gain momentum?

03 November 2022
The war in Ukraine reinvigorated EU enlargement, but recent momentum will be hard to maintain. The Union should increase support for candidates and further develop ways to integrate them before membership.

Sunak must bet big on our semiconductor industry – or we’ll lose out to competition

02 November 2022
City A.M
Rishi Sunak’s in-tray is overflowing with crises: from the cost of living to supporting Ukraine, from settling the UK’s long-running dispute with the EU about Northern Ireland to  the fate of his controversial home secretary.

Judy Asks: Is European support for Ukraine dependent on the United States?

28 October 2022
Carnegie Europe
There are three ways to look at US aid to Ukraine in comparison with aid from Europe. The first is in terms of military support.

The new US National Security Strategy: Battling China for technological leadership

Carl Bildt
24 October 2022
Despite the gravity of the war in Ukraine, the focus of the new US National Security Strategy is China.

What Giorgia Meloni’s government means for Europe

24 October 2022
Giorgia Meloni, the right-wing firebrand leader of Brothers of Italy is now Italy’s Prime Minster – notably the first woman to hold the role.

The EU should abandon chip nationalism

20 October 2022
With the US aggressively throttling China’s chip capabilities, the EU wants to protect itself by subsidising its own domestic chip manufacturing industry. But Europe has better and more realistic alternatives.

In defence of borrowing for climate action

13 October 2022
Even though interest rates are rising globally, European governments should still borrow large sums to finance green projects. In some cases, the EU should help.


Fortress Europe

25 November 2022
Financial Times
As long as they can’t agree on how to distribute migrants internally, EU capitals will continue to focus on striking deals with countries to take back rejected asylum seekers and beefing up border security, writes Luigi Scazzieri at the Centre for European Reform.

EU trade ministers try to avert the subsidy race

24 November 2022
In this 20-minute podcast, Sander Tordoir of the Centre for European Reform gives a very good explanation of the Commission’s recently announced plan on how it wants to reform the EU’s infamous fiscal rules.

Royaume Uni: Le soutien au brexit atteint son plus bas niveau

22 November 2022
BFM Business
Cette séquence "est intéressante car elle semble montrer que Rishi Sunak et Jeremy Hunt (...) admettent que le TCA (l'accord de commerce et de coopération signé entre l'UE et le Royaume-Uni) est mauvais pour l'économie. Mais le tollé et le démenti montrent à quel point il sera difficile pour un gouvernement conservateur d'admettre" cela, estime John Springford, chercheur au Centre for European reform, et opposé au Brexit.

Swiss-style EU deal not on the table during Brexit negotiations, EU officials say

21 November 2022
John Springford, the deputy director of the Centre for European Reform (CER) think-tank, says Brussels has also grown frustrated with the Swiss system of translating EU legislation into its rulebook through and torturous parliamentary process that can end up changing the laws to bypass regulations. “This is very finicky and slow. And it runs up against the EU’s problem of cherry picking: they don’t want to give the UK partial access to the single market or part of partial participation in the single market,” he said.

Derrière la récession britannique, l’effritement provoqué par le Brexit

18 November 2022
Le Monde
« Ce n’est effectivement pas le Brexit qui provoque la récession, qui est due à la guerre en Ukraine et à la hausse des prix, comme partout ailleurs, mais le Brexit a réduit la vitesse de croisière de l’économie britannique », explique John Springford, du Centre for European Reform, un groupe de réflexion.

Energy carrots and sticks

18 November 2022
Financial Times
To meet EU-wide emergency targets for the reduction of electricity and gas demand, more actionable information campaigns are needed, writes the Centre for European Reform. Governments should also encourage utilities to set up incentive schemes to reward energy savings.

Brussels just got a Hungarian think tank. Here's why it matters.

18 November 2022
Neither is better than the other and both are needed but "the most important thing for think-tanks, in general, is to be transparent in the way they are financed and the way they are affiliated," Camino Mortera-Martinez, head of the Brussels Office of the Centre for European Reform (CER), another (private) think tank, told Euronews.

UK autumn statement: How much is Brexit to blame for the budget 'black hole'?

17 November 2022
"Around half of the fiscal hole, and the political instability that comes with that, is down to Brexit," John Springford of the Centre for European Reform said on Twitter in October, in an exchange on the relationship of the UK's EU membership to its economic performance.In a CER report in June, he commented on a £29 billion (€33.2 billion) package of tax rises announced earlier in the year by Rishi Sunak, then finance minister -- up "to their highest share of GDP since the 1960s", he said.

As Ukraine war hits pocketbooks, European discontent grows

17 November 2022
Voice of America
"People are pretty angry right now across Europe," said John Springford, deputy director of the London-based Center for European Reform, a policy institute. "There’s a general understanding I think that the high inflation we have been seeing is down to the war in Ukraine."

How the Poland missile strike could change Putin's war in Ukraine

16 November 2022
NBC News
“This is an awful thing that wouldn’t have happened if Russia hadn’t launched a war on Ukraine,” said Ian Bond, director of foreign policy at the Centre for European Reform think tank in London, and a former senior NATO diplomat. “There has been a war in Europe for the last eight years; it’s just that most of Europe was able to close its mind to it. We like to imagine that this is war in a faraway country, but it’s really not that far at all.” 


CER podcast: Will the Commission's fiscal rules plan work?

18 November 2022
In this week’s Centre for European Reform podcast, John Springford, our deputy director, and Sander Tordoir, senior economist at the CER, discuss the EU’s fiscal rules.

CER podcast: Can Rishi Sunak reset the UK-EU relationship?

Charles Grant, Peter Foster
03 November 2022
Peter Foster joins Charles Grant to consider the prospects for repairing UK-EU relations under new British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

Ask CER - Episode 7: Emergency EU energy measures, UK divergence from EU rules and power shifts in Europe

21 October 2022
You asked, we answered: the seventh episode of our 'Ask CER' podcast series.

CER podcast: What might Macron's European Political Community look like?

03 October 2022
In this week's CER podcast Camino Mortera-Martinez spoke to Charles Grant about the European Political Community.

CER podcast: Finding a solution to the Northern Ireland Protocol

Charles Grant, Hilary Benn
21 September 2022
Hilary Benn MP and Charles Grant discussed the standoff between the UK and the EU over the Northern Ireland Protocol.


Conference on 'Macroeconomics in a time of pandemic and war'

18 November 2022 to 19 November 2022
Ditchley Park, UK
Speakers included: Agnès Bénassy-Quéré, Marco Buti, Benoît Cœuré, Swati Dhingra, Clare Lombardelli and Martin Sandbu

CER/AIG Geopolitical Risk Series: Webinar on 'The US midterm elections'

10 November 2022
With Laura von Daniels, Head, The Americas Research Division, German Institute for International & Security Affairs (SWP), Tim Prange, Deputy Head of Division for the United States, Canada & the G7 Foreign Ministers' Track, Federal Foreign Office, Germany, Christoph Schemionek, President & CEO, Delegation of German Industry & Commerce in Washington, DC, and Leslie Vinjamuri, Director, US & the Americas Programme, Chatham House. This event reviewed and interpreted the results of the 2022 midterm elections and their implications for the transatlantic relationship. Which factors drove the outcome? What do the elections tell us about the state of both parties? What should we expect from President Biden in the second half of his term, particularly with regards to US involvement in the Ukraine war, and US-European co-operation on trade and technology? How can European political leaders and businesses prepare for the next few years in transatlantic relations? And does Europe have a sustainable strategy vis-a-vis the United States?

CER/Kreab breakfast on 'The future of Europe'

08 November 2022
Hybrid Brussels/Zoom
With Klaus Welle, Secretary-General, European Parliament

Breakfast on 'Labour's plans for UK foreign policy'

02 November 2022
With David Lammy, Shadow Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Affairs, UK

CER/AIG Geopolitical Risk Series: Webinar on 'China's 20th Party Congress'

17 October 2022
With Jörn Beißert and Stefan Gätzner