Britain clashes with European judges over plan to send boat migrants to Rwanda

Press quote (Voice of America)
Camino Mortera-Martinez
19 May 2023

But Europe is not in the mood to meet Britain's demands after its exit from the European Union, says Camino Mortera-Martinez, a Brussels-based analyst with the Center for European Reform.

"I'm not necessarily sure that they will go the extra mile to go and enter into reform of yet another European institution to please Mr. Sunak and his hardline government, when it comes to migration," she told VOA.

..."Faced with the threats of 'right, give us what we want, or we just leave the European Convention of Human Rights and the Council of Europe,' the answer could very well be, 'well, go ahead and be a pariah state, just like Russia is,'" Mortera-Martinez told VOA. "I think it would be a mistake for Britain to do that at the moment, especially, as I say, given that we have a war next door [in Ukraine]."