CER Podcast: Unlocking better regulation in Europe

Zach Meyers, Anthony Teasdale
11 April 2024

The EU has for years been a proponent of better regulation: steps to make sure regulation is evidence-based, proportionate, and made in a transparent way. However, there has been a perception that the quality of regulation in the bloc has declined recently. To discuss the EU's performance on better regulation and what the next Commission might improve on, assistant director Zach Meyers was joined by Anthony Teasdale, visiting professor at the London School of Economics and past Director-General of the European Parliamentary Research Service. They debate the efficacy of von der Leyen's 'one-in, one-out' sytstem and explain what the five year term for president of the Commission means for policy making, among other things.

Music by Edward Hipkins
Produced by Octavia Hughes

Music by Edward Hipkins.